I had my Bachelor degree from Computer Science in 2009. Then I got my Master degree in 2013 and now I am a PHD student in Computer Science. I have experience (as developer and teaching) on .NET, C#, C, C++ and Python. I have worked on projects supported by Scientific Research Council of Turkey and Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. During these projects, I have developed algorithms to solve different kind of problems and had implementation using different languages/ technologies. I have acquired good problem solving skills and analytical thinking during these works.

For my PHD Thesis, I have been working on spectral reflectance recovery, hyperspectral image analysis, band selection for hyper spectral data, shadow detection and object detection from satellite images. My favorite language is Python at these studies and I have worked with the libraries like Opencv,scikit, scipy, sklearn and Spectral Python(SPy).  I really prefer working on research oriented jobs, because If you get to work on different projects so you learn a lot of new things. 

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